John Hendrix

Pewink godisable.
Pewink infinite.
Pewink kingdavid.
Pewink moses.
Pewink remain.
Pewink treeflood.
Pewink whales.
Pewink whatever.
Pewink wrathtank.
Pewink yoked.
Pewink beetles.

Drawings in Church, Vol. 2

Drawing in my sketchbook is the very best part of my work. I love it because it is linear improvisation. Much like jazz, it is unpredictable, exciting and unfiltered. Often with very good and very bad results. I attend church every Sunday, and I draw during the sermon. All of these pages were done in a pew (though I don't bring my watercolors with me- that waits till I get home). Simultaneous drawing and listening transforms familiar language into something new- a feedback loop of symbols, theology and wonder.